The Ferla Story


A Message From Our President

Hello, my name is Feras and I am the President of Ferla Bikes Inc. I would like to welcome you to our site and hopefully welcome you to the beginning of your new business journey. Let me tell you a little bit about Ferla's beginnings and the main mission of our company. 


Where It All Began 

In 2013 I decided to launch a catering company and become an entrepreneur, like I had always longed to do. When I started my business journey, I only had $2,000 in my pocket. I thought this may not work since I didn’t even have enough funds to open a brick and mortar location.

This is how I knew catering was the right industry for me! Since I wasn’t able to host clients at my own place, I thought "why don’t I go to their place and make the same exceptional product at their own comfort. From their everything changed. In 2016  the company I began earned the title of Best Catering Company in the U.S. Since 2013, we have served over 1000 events. 

At the end of 2016, I took a step back and began wondering if there was a way for me to give an opportunity to young entrepreneurs to join my catering business and help them open their own business through my bikes. My main goal was to create a miscellaneous product that could be used to sell coffee, ice-cream, books, flowers, anything that could be turned into a mobile business and make it even more possible for people to achieve their dreams and begin their very own business journey. That’s how the idea of mobile vending bikes and cart was born.


Our Mission

Now ever since 2016 it has been our mission to help as many entrepreneurs as we can to get the resources and exposure they need to pursue and run a successful venture. We are proud to help not only brand new ventures but also to help the growth of ones that have already established themselves in their industry. Whether you are just starting out or are already a multi-national corporation we want to help you grow as big as you possibly can!


Ferla Today

Some people compare us to Uber, because we are a company that is providing an opportunity for people to earn money without large investments. Ferla Bikes provides people an opportunity to launch a whole company for the same price that usually only covers a month of renting a brick and mortar location.

Nowadays, we have sold more than 1,000 bikes all over the world and have collaborated with start-ups, small companies, and large companies such as BMW, Puma, Ford, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, McCafe, Verizon, and more! 

At the moment, Ferla offers 10 unique, stylish, and advanced bike and cart models.

We hope you find the model that fits perfectly for you so you can get started on making your business dreams come true!