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Sell your delicious food, no matter what kind, from these top of the line food bikes for sale! Fresh produce, pre-packaged produce, pastries, candy and more! Let the Ferla Food Bike line take your food business to the next level!

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Ferla Ice Cream Bike
  • From $4,999.00
Ferla X: Ferla's Most Advanced Coffee Bike
  • From $6,499.00
Ferla Mini Bike
  • From $3,499.00
Ferla 2 (Pre-Order)
  • From $4,999.00
Ferla X - Glacier Edition
  • From $7,499.00
Ferla Vendor Bike (Pre-Order)
  • From $3,499.00

Sold out

Ferla Vendor (Floor Model) - Purple Color
  • $3,499.00
Ferla Grande Bike (Pre-Order)
  • From $5,499.00